General Vascular Surgery

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General Vascular Surgery

Liverpool Vascular Clinic will assess and advise on general vascular surgery conditions offering advice and treatment or onward referral as needed.

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Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)

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General Vascular Surgery

Patient Reviews

"Following the discovery of abnormal blood pressure readings I was fortunate enough to be referred the consultant vascular surgeon Dr Neequaye.

Tests and scans revealed that I had a rare arterial plumbing configuration. Following discussion we decided that the condition would be managed medically with now annual checks and two yearly scans.

I am grateful for his level of expertise,the confidence this inspires and for the inclusive nature of our consultations. "

Mrs H from Liverpool

"I found him to be an extremely skillfull, cautious and approachable Vascular Surgeon and despite the challenges created by the pandemic left no stone unturned at the pre-op stage.

He was never rushed and always took time to explain, in layman’s terms, and sometimes with sketches precisely what he was proposing as the solution to my pending complex Aortic Aneurysm repairs.

My procedure took place in early June 2021, I now feel fit and well and extremely fortunate indeed that my Surgeon was Mr Simon Neequaye."

Brian D

"After struggling with the veins in my left leg for 8 years, deciding to proceed with treatment from Mr Neequaye was the best thing I ever did. He kept my calm throughout the procedure, and the results are better than I’d have imagined."

Imogen E